Big Benefits From a Small Company

Big Benefits From a Small Company

As members of Team Pursuit Promotional Management, we get the best of both worlds – bigtime perks with a small-company feel. We enjoy a tight-knit team culture while still receiving all the career-boosting benefits anyone could expect.

Michael, Pursuit Promotional Management’s President, noted that being a smaller company means we can provide new hires with hands-on experience as they learn all aspects of our business. Our incoming associates get to work side-by-side with top performers and high-level leaders. New hires quickly get up to speed because they have so many expert sources of advice to guide them.

Well-defined advancement policies are also common in small businesses. We’re no exception, as we provide clear pathways forward for our team members. The in-house mentors who help our newest hires have advanced from the entry level. This means they can provide inspiring examples to follow from team members’ first days on the job.

Fun travel incentives are major elements of our supportive team culture. Michael explained that our latest trip took us to the Orange County Top Leaders Conference, where our associates were able to learn success tips and networking strategies from some of the most accomplished people in our industry.

Being a small company has its advantages. We’re excited to continue sharpening our team atmosphere even as we exceed our ambitious growth goals. Follow Pursuit Promotional Management on Instagram for more on our supportive work culture.