Great Mentors Lead the Way in Our Office

Great Mentors Lead the Way in Our Office

We believe in the power of personalized coaching around the Pursuit Promotional Management office. Mentorship has always been a vital part of our team’s success. Everyone who comes on board gets paired with a seasoned brand expert who knows exactly what it takes to thrive in our industry. Our in-house coaches help our newest hires go further than they ever thought possible.

One way our team members coach new hires is by setting clear expectations. This sets the right tone from the outset of each person’s career journey. Just as we do with our biggest Pursuit Promotional Management projects, we put specific benchmarks in place for each incoming brand expert’s training. Having key milestones to aim for is ideal preparation for the way we tackle big challenges.

Being accountable is another essential skill our mentors teach everyone who joins our team. This goes for every project our team members take on, but it also means being available to help colleagues whenever and however they can. The end result is an entire team that’s engaged and committed to achieving major objectives.

Regular feedback is another important part of our training approach. As they learn the ropes, our team members receive helpful input to streamline their efforts. This commitment to feedback carries over into all our biggest team projects.

The beginning of a new year has created all kinds of opportunities at Pursuit Promotional Management. To learn more about how we approach mentorship, and the positions available with our firm, follow us on LinkedIn.