Highlighting Lauren, Our Stellar HR Director

Highlighting Lauren, Our Stellar HR Director

We’re lucky to have Lauren as our Pursuit Promotional Management Director of Human Resources. Michael, our firm’s President, explained that she is dedicated, hard-working, and always puts others first. Lauren began her career with us right after her college career, which includes a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Cal-State Sacramento and an MBA from West Texas A&M University.

Lauren became our HR Director in September of 2018. She noted that it’s been great to have her hard work rewarded. She enjoys the people within our organization, adding that our team is the main reason she would encourage anyone to come aboard Pursuit Promotional Management. Lauren explained that it’s always a team effort in our workspace, and that when one aspect of our business succeeds, we all do.

“I’ve always had hard work as one of my greatest core values,” Lauren stated. “We, as humans, are created to serve others and work hard in life so when the going gets tough, I’ve always relied on my determination and work ethic to get me through.”

If those quotes weren’t enough indication, Michael added that Lauren takes pride in everything she does. He explained that her attention to detail and commitment to doing her best make Lauren an ideal role model in our office.

We’re excited for what Lauren can achieve in the future. Like Pursuit Promotional Management on Facebook for updates on her and all our outstanding performers.