A Kind Email on the Power of Our Internship Program

A Kind Email on the Power of Our Internship Program

According to Michael, our company President, the main goal of our Pursuit Promotional Management internship program is to teach successful working habits. From people skills to discipline, we try and create a structure that will teach interns the skills that will transfer beyond our business and help them succeed in every area of their lives.

Recently, one of the graduates of our internship program wrote us an email to tell us how much he enjoyed his experience. He said that when he had a chance to reflect on his time at Pursuit Promotional Management there were three key takeaways that he implemented into his everyday life. First: the importance of keeping a positive attitude. He’d heard it all his life in sports, and in reference to facing challenges, but he never knew firsthand the importance of optimism.

Second, he mentioned the ability to get things done. He was constantly learning new things and never even considered turning on the cruise control. Constantly being on his toes, bouncing from one thing to the next, showed him how much he could accomplish in a single day.

His final takeaway? The importance of relationships. During his summer with us he had the chance to befriend a bunch of amazing and hardworking men and women. He was also able to meet interesting people in the field, and network with industry leaders. All these interactions were different but one of the biggest things that stood out to him was how valuable these connections were.

Our internship program is an extension of our commitment to developing potential. Learn other ways we support success by following Pursuit Promotional Management on Instagram.