So Many Exciting Travel Destinations

So Many Exciting Travel Destinations

In recent months, we’ve built handsomely on our Pursuit Promotional Management commitment to travel. We’ve been on so many rewarding trips so far this year, and we have more exciting excursions to come before we close out 2019. We’re always ready to expand our horizons through travel and bring fresh insights back to our projects.

This spring and summer have seen many memorable trips, including the Newport Beach conference in April. This was an amazing chance to learn and network in one of the country’s most beautiful regions. It was also an ideal way for us to launch into a successful second quarter.

Our next big getaway took us to Dallas for a major conference in June. It’s always fun to be in the heart of Texas, and we made the most of everything the city had to offer. Of course, we also gained plenty of unique success tips to help us build even more momentum.

August saw Team Pursuit Promotional Management travel to Kansas City, while September will feature a trip to Las Vegas. If all that isn’t enough, we’ve also got a big travel surprise coming up in October. It’s an R&R excursion, and we’re all excited to find out where we’ll be going. The announcement will be made in the coming weeks, so we’re working hard to make sure we qualify for it.

We take so many rewards from every team travel event. Follow Pursuit Promotional Management on Instagram for updates on all our trips.