New Opportunities for Growth in 2019

New Opportunities for Growth in 2019

We’re all excited to usher in 2019 around Pursuit Promotional Management HQ. The growth potential that is stretching out before us has created a real buzz throughout our team. Along with expansion into new markets, we’re looking forward to building up our talented group of growth-minded pros. As we meet with potential hires, we’ll focus on these key elements:

• A Winning Résumé: Our first impression of a candidate begins before the interview. When people use impactful language and figures to explain why they’re good fits for our culture, we’re more likely to agree with what they say.

• Knowledge of Our Company: Reading up on Pursuit Promotional Management on our website is one of the best things a candidate can do to make a strong impression. When there’s a clear link between a person’s unique talents and our biggest needs, we can feel confident about making a hiring decision.

• Respectful Attitude: We want to make sure a person shows respect to everyone he or she encounters in our office before we go forward with a hire. A quick tour of our workspace is always a good idea, because it gives us a glimpse of a candidate’s true personality.

These are just a few of the things we look for when we bring talented candidates into the Pursuit Promotional Management office. Follow us on Instagram for updates on our growth and hiring in 2019.