Positive Mentoring and Training Fuel Success

Positive Mentoring and Training Fuel Success

When we add to Team Pursuit Promotional Management, we provide new recruits with focused training and one-to-one coaching. Michael, our firm’s President, explained that our in-house mentors are good at identifying what each new hire needs to succeed. Our immersive training approach teaches all aspects of our operations. This helps incoming associates build confidence and apply their unique skills to real-world projects.

There are a few key reasons why our in-office coaches are so effective in helping new team members reach their potential. Michael noted that positive attitudes are prominent in our workspace, so incoming associates have good role models in terms of mind-set. Our mentors are committed to finding positive lessons in every outcome, which inspires recruits to do the same.

We’ve also made ongoing improvement a focal point of the Pursuit Promotional Management ethos. Constant learning is a way of life for our seasoned team members, who show our newest executives the best strategies for refining skills and knowledge. From their first days with our firm, new hires learn to set developmental goals and establish action steps to achieve them.

Honest feedback is another reason our mentors are so effective. During the course of their coaching, new hires receive constructive input. The fact that this feedback comes from an insider’s perspective makes it even more helpful.

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