PRESS RELEASE: Pursuit Promotional Management Attends Conference, Supports Associates

PRESS RELEASE: Pursuit Promotional Management Attends Conference, Supports Associates

SAN DIEGO, CA – Pursuit Promotional Management’s Director discussed a conference this past month along with recently promoted team members. He elaborated on both the firm’s atmosphere of supportive development and a current hiring initiative.

A selection of top performers from Pursuit Promotional Management recently attended a national conference. Michael, the firm’s Director, explained, “Spencer, Hailey, Madison, and Syderah definitely earned the right to venture out to the conference. They have each contributed in significant ways to the firm’s recent success, and I know they made valuable contacts while picking up fresh insights during the event.”

The firm’s leadership team emphasizes travel as an ideal way to boost morale and encourage stronger collaboration. “Our people go on all types of excursions,” Michael added. “Aside from conferences and other industry functions, they also visit other top markets and travel to support their fellow team members.”

Pursuit Promotional Management’s management team was excited to travel to Las Vegas to celebrate Jackie’s wedding. “The weather wasn’t totally on our side, with rain coming down on the big day,” the Director said. “We didn’t let it bring us down though, and we were so glad to be there to support Jackie and have a great time with her family!”

Adding to the good news, Jessica was recently promoted. Michael commented, “Jessica has been doing such a great job, and her elevation to campaign management is richly deserved. She is so genuine and down to earth, yet she has a strong passion for the products she represents. We are excited to see how well she does in her new role, and she has the leadership team’s total confidence.”

Pursuit Promotional Management’s Director Discusses Hiring Push

With May fast approaching, the leaders at Pursuit Promotional Management know there will be many talented college graduates looking for jobs. Michael and his fellow leaders are ready to add to their dynamic team to accommodate rapid growth, so they will be working hard to attract top-flight grads to the firm.

“We are always looking for driven people with student mind-sets,” the Director noted. “When you consider our progressive approach to training and the clear path to advancement we provide, I believe Pursuit Promotional Management is the ideal landing spot for the brightest graduates. I am confident that we will add some very capable and ambitious young professionals in the coming weeks and months. It is definitely an exciting time to be part of our team here at Pursuit Promotional Management”

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