PRESS RELEASE: At Pursuit Promotional Management, Leaders Are Developed

PRESS RELEASE: At Pursuit Promotional Management, Leaders Are Developed

SACRAMENTO, CA – Michael, Pursuit Promotional Management’s President, answered some questions regarding the leadership opportunities available at the firm, and how team members show they are ready for more responsibility.

“Everything that we do at Pursuit Promotional Management is about training and developing people until they’re ready to lead,” explained Michael, when asked what it meant to be a leader at the firm. “A company can’t grow without solid leadership, and in my opinion solid leadership comes from within. The main role of a manager in our firm involves the hiring, training, and development of new team members along with the overall logistical coordination of our on-site promotions.”

When asked when and how leadership expectations were set, Michael stated that it was his intention to set those standards from day one, both through his words and his example. Then, as people understood and embraced leadership criteria, they would naturally move forward into those roles. Rather than just dressing for the roles they want to have, Michael looks at all-around behavior, believing people should act like they would in the role they want to hold. “My goal is to find true leaders and not just supervisors. I don’t need someone just to take information and pass it on; I need people who can think and create and take the reins. Once people are qualified and know how to do their jobs, I don’t see any reason to hold their hands.”

Of course, Michael believes professionals should show integrity as well, so they should act the same whether he’s in the Pursuit Promotional Management office that day or not. “I’m on the lookout for those who prove they are capable of keeping the business running in the right direction, with or without me. Sometimes the best opportunities for leaders to emerge is a temporary vacancy in leadership – so I’m looking to see who steps up to the challenge!”

Why Pursuit Promotional Management’s President Promotes Leadership Traits

Not all company leaders discuss advancement opportunities as openly as Pursuit Promotional Management leaders do, but Michael feels this is an important part of the firm’s culture of achievement. “Knowing what prospects await someone who excels here gives our team members goals,” Michael explained. “Someone with something to work toward is so much more likely to find that internal passion than someone who doesn’t know exactly what they’re working for. Without passionate people finding ways to grow themselves in our business, we can’t grow our company either.”

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