PRESS RELEASE: Pursuit Promotional Management Unites Dynamic People

PRESS RELEASE: Pursuit Promotional Management Unites Dynamic People

SACRAMENTO, CA – The President of Pursuit Promotional Management, Michael, prioritizes the firm’s culture of camaraderie with team nights and group travel. He discussed these topics and the competitive advantages of collaboration.

When asked why he puts such an emphasis on team-building events, Michael points out that trusting relationships are easier to build when team members are in a relaxed social environment. When Pursuit Promotional Management associates are relaxing at Dave and Buster’s, or bowling, or playing laser tag, they are getting to know one another outside their professional roles and titles. These connections are more personal and meaningful than what one might be able to build in an office setting, and lead to increased communication and collaboration.

The Pursuit Promotional Management travel program is a similarly effective tool for building unity. The time spent driving to another office for cross-training or scouting out another market for potential expansion is the perfect way to build friendships that last a lifetime. The same can be said for flying to faraway cities for weekend conferences, or to exotic locales for leadership retreats. Michael is certain that the emphasis he puts on unity will continue to be a driving force for the firm’s success.

How Pursuit Promotional Management’s Culture of Camaraderie Influences Personal Success

Pursuit Promotional Management is committed to finding new and creative solutions for the brands it represents, which requires collaboration and innovative thinking. In fact, according to Michael, the firm’s reputation depends on these two traits. They are best achieved through dynamic associate pairings, which requires that everyone on our team feels comfortable working with others. This is one of the main reasons that team nights and travel are so important.

Another rationale behind team building can be found in the firm’s approach to training. The company isn’t a sprawling enterprise with thousands of associates, so managers and coaches are parts of the everyday office landscape. It’s vital that they feel like a part of the team and are comfortable sharing their wisdom and perspective with others. With our seasoned veterans guiding our campaign processes and mentoring less experienced team members at the same time, associates are given the chance to learn industry specifics from the best. They also see the company’s commitment to teamwork in action, and in doing so learn how to help train any new associates that come on board.

With his focus on maintaining a team-oriented environment, Michael is confident that Pursuit Promotional Management will continue to grow and exceed expectations.

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