Pursuit Promotional Management Identifies Jobs Involving Travel

Pursuit Promotional Management Identifies Jobs Involving Travel

Our associates at Pursuit Promotional Management have plenty of opportunities to travel the world, visiting new places all the time. While frequent business travel is not for everyone, those who enjoy it are truly en-ergized by the chance to explore. Here are some jobs, other than sales and marketing, that involve significant amounts of travel:

• Consulting: Consultants are professional problem solvers who often must travel to their cus-tomers to do their jobs. They regularly visit new cities and countries, including areas that tour-ists don’t frequent. Additionally, consultants sometimes visit for extended periods of time.

• Travel Industry: Obviously, if you want to travel frequently, joining the travel industry is an excellent choice. We at Pursuit Promotional Management have met plenty of pilots and flight attendants who love the opportunities they have to see the world.

• Recruiting: Many recruiters travel in order to find and attract the best talent. You will have to visit colleges and universities around the world looking for bright young people. During the peak season, you may find yourself on the road more often than not.

• Teaching English: There are many opportunities to teach English in countries where it isn’t the primary language. This career involves less hopping around than the others but will pro-vide a chance to get truly immersed in a foreign culture.

These careers all provide great chances to see the world. At Pursuit Promotional Management we believe that eve-ryone should have at least one job involving travel.