Pursuit Promotional Management’s Interview Fashion Tips

Pursuit Promotional Management’s Interview Fashion Tips

You feel more confident when you dress well, and is there any context in which confidence is more important than a job interview? Clothing trends are always changing, but we at Pursuit Promotional Management believe the following basic elements will help you make a strong impression during your next interview:

• Neutral Blazers: As a staple of any corporate outfit, you should definitely have a few solid-color blazers at your disposal. You may have to scour stores and websites to find a quality blazer at an affordable price, but jump on the first one you come across.

• Sensible and Comfortable Shoes: This is especially important for women, because the last thing you want to do is feel uncomfortable through a long interview or trip when you enter the room. Sturdy and comfortable flats are the best options for women, and we at Pursuit Promotional Management suggest black or nude as versatile color possibilities.

• A Professional Bag: The backpack you have used since college doesn’t cut it, so invest in a fashionable tote to bring to the office. Even if you just need to carry lunch and workout clothes, there’s no reason you can’t have a stylish leather (or faux leather) bag in brown or black.

We at Pursuit Promotional Management hope you will take these tips to heart and dress to impress for your next job interview.