Pursuit Promotional Management Shares a Leadership Non-Strategy

Pursuit Promotional Management Shares a Leadership Non-Strategy

At Pursuit Promotional Management, we believe in the importance of excellent leadership throughout our organization. As such, we have had to become quite good at developing new leaders. In doing so, we discovered that the best strategy is no strategy. To be more accurate, the best way to create new leaders is to give them room to learn and develop on their own.

• Give Responsibility: Give every individual showing leadership potential an increasing amount of responsibility. This should include additional freedom to determine how to best meet the goals set before them.

• Monitor Without Micromanaging: At Pursuit Promotional Management, we have found that it is important to watch new leaders in order to be able to offer guidance. However, this should not turn into micromanagement. Instead, they should largely be left to handle their own responsibilities.

• Create a Flexible Work Environment: Having the right culture to empower people to make decisions and learn is directly connected to success. This change won’t happen overnight but the investment of time and energy into creating a flexible work environment is worthwhile.

• Accept Failure: Recognize right away that new leaders will sometimes make mistakes, and it’s okay. Use these moments as opportunities to reflect and teach them lessons that will guide them in the future.

These ideas have helped us at Pursuit Promotional Management find and foster leaders throughout our firm.