PRESS RELEASE: Who Is Pursuit Promotional Management?

PRESS RELEASE: Who Is Pursuit Promotional Management?

SACRAMENTO, CA – Pursuit Promotional Management’s President discussed some of the achievements and cultural elements that have defined the firm’s remarkable growth. He also highlighted the importance of setting ambitious goals.

Founded three years ago, Pursuit Promotional Management started as an expansion by Michael, the firm’s President. He had worked in the industry for the previous four years in Southern California, and founded the company to meet a need for interactive marketing in Sacramento. The firm now manages the greater Northern California area, spanning the Bay Area all the way to Northern Nevada. Michael explained that the company also has active ventures from San Diego to Seattle.

Pursuit Promotional Management wouldn’t have become a nationally recognized on-site sales promotions provider without its diverse clientele and commitment to extensive training. Michael noted that the immersive education new hires receive prepares them for a variety of leadership roles. He added that the larger objective is to develop tomorrow’s industry innovators. For the remainder of 2019, Michael wants to continue expanding into new markets and build the company’s next wave of managers.

Michael stated, “To me, Pursuit Promotional Management’s growth is exciting because we can all control it. I love business because the results are direct reflections of the work that gets put in every day. Success based on luck feels good as long as you continue to remain lucky, but success based on effort gives a greater sense of accomplishment and builds confidence. Our workspace allows hard-working people to come together and create something lasting where they can really be proud of the results they achieve.”

Pursuit Promotional Management’s President on the Power of Challenging Goals

Another key driver of Pursuit Promotional Management’s ongoing success is the team’s shared commitment to setting ambitious goals. Associates are encouraged to set the bar higher with every big win, which fuels an atmosphere of healthy competition. As team members sharpen their skills and rack up victories, represented brands reap major rewards.

Setting clear goals means people can properly focus their efforts toward specific outcomes. Michael noted that associates around the Pursuit Promotional Management office avoid wasting time or being distracted because they always know what the next steps are. Having well-defined objectives also means it’s easier to measure progress and make the right adjustments when necessary. Team members remain highly engaged in their pursuits because they have the benefits of both structure and flexibility. Michael added that this adds up to consistent wins for the companies that work with Pursuit Promotional Management.

About Pursuit Promotional Management:
Pursuit Promotional Management leads the industry in on-site marketing campaigns. The team designs solutions that feature products in new and exciting ways, connecting with customers on a personal level. Every event they create is one of a kind. Pursuit Promotional Management sets products apart from the competition by using the skills of their talented team members, guided by leaders who know what it takes to succeed in a crowded marketplace. The company has grown in part because its ranks are filled with sales and marketing experts. See what they’re up to now at