Our Recruitment Expansion Project

Our Recruitment Expansion Project

It’s an exciting time around the Pursuit Promotional Management office as we ramp up our recruitment efforts. Lauren, our firm’s HR director, is helping with a recruitment expansion project. This venture has taken her to southern California and Seattle, where she has assisted with getting our newest offices up and running. As we add to our exceptional team, we create even more opportunities for driven, business-minded people.

There are many ways potential additions to Team Pursuit Promotional Management can make themselves stand out from the crowd. One of the things we look for when evaluating candidates is a strong LinkedIn profile. If someone has a good number of high-quality endorsements on his or her page, we instantly have more confidence in making that person part of our team.

A winning résumé is also a big part of what makes a potential hire impressive. We look for facts and figures that show the unique value a person can bring to the table. When it comes to language, action words help a CV make a stronger impression.

The right types of body language also help people make lasting positive impressions during interviews. Having the proper skills and experience certainly matters, but those who maintain eye contact and sit tall and straight improve their chances of getting hired.

These are a few things we’re focusing on during our recruitment expansion project. Follow Pursuit Promotional Management on Instagram for updates on our hiring efforts.