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Our people at Pursuit Promotional Management share a wealth of experience. It’s exactly what we leverage to ensure that your brand’s campaigns are right for you. Every person is a valued member of our team, and we take their insights seriously. With our managers guiding our campaign processes, our associates learn from the best.

Meet the Team



B.M. Music Performance – University of Northern Iowa
A.S. Band Instrument Repair Technology – Renton Technical College
Was a Professional Band Instrument Repair Technician for 9 years before joining the Pursuit team.

Favorite campaign and why: The personal growth and opportunity! Because it doesn’t matter what the campaign is. In every campaign, my purpose is to challenge myself in everything I do, grow quickly, and help others do the same.

Best experience with PPM?: In general every time we see someone get promoted is very exciting. In particular, I really enjoyed going to Dallas, TX for a National Conference and to Las Vegas, NV for the R&R trip.

Best advice ever received: It’s good to always have a student mentality and keep learning, but it’s more important to apply and master what you already know. – Chris Thomas

Fun fact!: I have a cat named Seinfeld.



2 years at UC Santa Cruz studying Business Management
2 years at UC Davis: graduated in June 2018 with a degree in Communications

Favorite campaign and why: Whip it because it’s the one I started out in and the client I know the best!

Best experience with PPM: Going to the Dallas conference in January of 2019 was an awesome experience. Being able to network with and implement skills taught by the top leaders and business owners throughout the country has been extremely beneficial in my time here.

Best advice ever received: Whenever you’re having a rough day, think about the goal that no negative occurrence in the world will prevent you from accomplishing and the negative will ultimately seem meaningless

Fun fact: World’s biggest Dodger fan, and it’s not even close



B.A. Journalism at Sacramento State

Favorite campaign and why: SoniComfort; I appreciate the health benefits of the massagers and how they help people!

Best experience with PPM?: Attending the Dallas Conference and meeting business owners/leaders from all over the country!

Best advice ever received: ”Faith does not make things easy. It makes things possible.”

Fun fact!: I have drawers full of fun socks with designs!



Lauren started in the business in 2017 and since then, has overseen the growth of her organization several times over. With every new expansion, she specializes in the training and development of administrators in her division. Lauren currently oversees all the human resources and recruiting efforts for offices in not only Sacramento, California, but also territories throughout Southern California in Orange County, the Inland Empire and San Diego, as well as Las Vegas, Nevada and Seattle, Washington. Her favorite part of the business is that she is able to meet so many new people and have a large hand in aiding with the growth the organization is experiencing.



I got my degree in Theatre Management at William Jessup University and worked in the Visual and Performing Arts division planning and marketing events as well as stage managing main stage productions.

Favorite campaign and why: Whip It is my favorite campaign because it is where I first started training and where I have learned invaluable lessons as a coach and leader.

Best experience with PPM?: My best experience with Pursuit was traveling to the office in Cincinnati, Ohio to learn the Whip It campaign for Walmart. Not only was it exciting to see another office, but I also grew tremendously in a short 10 days. I’ll never forget the relationships that were built and the lessons I learned for my own personal growth as a trainer.

Best advice ever received: Focus on the things you can control and take full responsibility for your actions.

Fun fact!: I know how to tap dance.



Here at PPM, we understand the great deal of work and care our clients have put into creating their brands and desire to treat each campaign with the same consideration. My goal is to create a team that brings the passion of our clients directly to consumers. Since our founding in 2016, our emphasis has been on hiring based on the intangible qualities that seem to be much harder to teach. We place a high value on traits such as leadership and charisma, while also looking for the personal discipline and responsibility to back it up. My goal was to find students of business, as well as life, each of whom bring a unique perspective to our growing team. I’m excited for you to get to look at some of our senior team members and get small dose of what makes our culture so special.



Current student at Sierra College studying business administration. I have a history working in fast food restaurants and was a barista before starting at Pursuit.

Favorite campaign and why: ‘Whip it’ is the only campaign I’ve experienced so far, but I love the ability to be able to make a huge impact for people in the shows who really have a need for whip it.

Best experience with PPM?: Team day doing vision boards. We got together to make vision boards and had a fun time doing them!

Best advice ever received: “Control your own growth.” I’ve really taken this to heart and continue to push myself to accomplish my goals quicker than I even thought possible.

Fun fact!: I’m a mom! I have a 10 month old son and expecting my 2nd son in June 2019! Excited to be able to still grow within Pursuit while still living my dreams at home.



Before starting with Pursuit, I took computer science in college, and worked at BJs for about a year and a half.

My favorite campaign is Whip it! I love the fact that I can manage a crowd of 18 people in order to have them listen to a presentation about this client.

The best advice that I’ve received is that the only person who can hold myself accountable to personal growth is me. It really put into perspective for me how much of this business is within my power to change when I focus on myself.

A fun fact about me is that when I was little I spent 5 years living in England with my family and went to primary school there.

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