Welcoming Our Newest Admin to the Team: Juliet!

Welcoming Our Newest Admin to the Team: Juliet!

Pursuit Promotional Management has an exciting announcement to make: we have just hired a new admin! Her name is Juliet, and we are excited to have her join us as we continue expanding our firm.

Our admins play a vital role, one of the most important being that they support our team members as they rise in their career journeys. With our top-notch Pursuit Promotional Management training program anyone can excel, and we increase the odds of success with Juliet on our team.

The addition of Juliet to our roster means that we are prepared for the exciting growth to come in 2019, and ready to add associates with fresh ideas and a positive attitude to our group. Once a person is past the interview phase, he or she will find a fantastic set of perks waiting for them.

For example, to complement our comprehensive curriculum we’ve also attached career paths to every entry-level position in our company. This way new hires always know exactly what the next steps in their journeys will be and can focus their energy and efforts aptly.

Hats off to Juliet on making the smart decision to join our team; we’re looking forward to working and growing with you. Follow Pursuit Promotional Management on Instagram to learn more about the opportunities that are now available for ambitious men and women to join our company.